Management Console

Organizations? Easy to manage!

Clexi is a perfect solution for organizations that need to protect their data securely from unauthorized access - all from an easy-to-use on-line dashboard!

Any organization has sensitive data that should only be accessible to certain employees. Employees usually use cloud storage or external hard-drives to keep and work with this data, however, external hard-drives or cloud storage services are not secure enough, simply because they do not use any encryption method, and therefore they are not suitable to be used for sensitive data.

Cléxi’s Enterprise Solution is specifically designed for this use case. Organizations can provide their employees with Cléxi drives to store the sensitive data securely, knowing it can’t be accessed by any unauthorized person.

Some of the important features of Clexi’s organization Solution:

  • Unlock the drive with a mobile app and secure authentication method (FaceID, TouchID, Fingerprint, …)
  • Manage the access to each drive separately. Each employee can have access to one or more Clexi drives, and each drive can be accessed by one or more employees.
  • Organizations can revoke the access at any time remotely from the online dashboard