Individual users

How do you feel when you lose your drive? Cléxi’s solution is safe, fast, and convenient.

We are all aware of the importance of protecting our sensitive data against unauthorized access. If you store your data on external storage, it can easily end up in the wrong hands. If your storage is stolen or lost, data stored on it is at risk of use. Clexi’s individual solution is specifically designed for this use case. These drives bring you a secure, convenient, high speed, and hassle-free data storing experience.

With Clexi drives, access your data securely, as convenient as a smartphone unlock, which is one of the most trusted ways of user authentication. Just tap your phone on your drive, unlock your phone and enjoy your drive. Beside security and convenience, Cléxi brings you many more. You can easily manage to share your drive with the ones you trust and track the location of your drive via Cléxi app. Cléxi is platform and OS independent and can be used on any device without requiring any additional software. Cléxi SSD drives keep your data safe and sound and bring you peace of mind.