Seeking Peace Of Mind? Go For Cléxi

Cléxi is a smart secure SSD drive. It provides secure and quick access to your data as convenient as unlocking your smartphone. You can share your data in a trusted way with others and remotely manage your drive. Cléxi can be used on PC, Linux, Mac, Android & iOS, TV, Game consoles, and more.

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Secure & Easy Unlock Drive

Smart Secure SSD Drive with the Most Convenient/Trusted Unlock Method via Smartphone.

Organization? Easy to manage

Easily manage the access to secure drive from management console remotely.

What Features Make Us Unique?

Highly Secure
AES-256 Encryption
Highly Secure AES-256 Encryption

Secure data with military-grade encryption. A strong hardware encryption method (AES-256) ensures the data is kept secure.

Easy Unlock

Easy Unlock

No need to carry around a key, smartcard or remember a password; all of which can be lost or forgotten. Clexi gets unlocked in seconds with a simple touch of your smartphone.

Data Sharing
Message-based Data Sharing

Share your Cléxi easily with the trusted ones via a phone number or an email address. Plus, how long data can be shared is under your control.

Auto Lock with
Proximity Awareness
Auto-Lock with Proximity Awareness

Your drive automatically locks when you step away. You can adjust when your drive gets locked.

How Does It Work?

  • Tap your smartphone on Cléxi
  • Authenticate yourself
  • Cléxi is ready to go
Face ID
Touch ID
Shock Proof
Protected in a silicone-wrapped crush-resistant case.
Pocket Size
Carry 1 TB of data in a drive smaller than a credit card.
Plug & Play
No additional software is required.
High Speed
High read and write speeds of 400 MB/s.


Keep your data secure without sacrificing convenience. A military-grade encrypted USB drive!

  • 256-Bit AES hardware encryption
  • Auto-Lock with proximity awareness
  • Strong authentication based on public-key cryptography
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Elegant and aesthetic design

A’Design award winner 2020

Cléxi Applications